Care & Maintenance

Our products are treated with a protective cycle that makes the cement more resistant to stains and wear.
All components of the cycle are suitable for contact with food and They reach their maximum resistance after about 20 days from application. It may happen that the delivered plans have not reached this maximum level of performance. It is therefore advisable to pay more attention during the days immediately after delivery and installation. The treatment has a natural effect and does not make the surface shiny. No need for a reapplication soon and, thanks to nanotechnology, tends to strengthen over time.

Over the years, we have tested many protective and Now we can choose one or the other according to your environment. destination of our products (outdoors, in the kitchen, bathroom, floors, etc.). For more information, please refer to the Technical Tests section: There we reported the results of the main tests to which we subjected our products (with and without treatment).

Cleaning concrete kitchen countertops

  • There is no substance that is used in the bathroom or kitchen that instantly and irreversibly stains the worktop.
  • However, it is advisable to avoid prolonged contact with colouring substances (coffee, wine, tomato...). These do not ruin and stain the top but tend to color the protective layer.
  • Use a cutting board when cutting and make sure to remove dirt as soon as possible.
  • The stain-resistant product, being film-based, can be engraved and scratched.
  • Always avoid acids and abrasives or corrosive products.
  • The first few weeks avoid leaving material on the top and covering it. The moisture from the still fresh cement will have to evaporate and therefore if it is blocked it can leave a condensation, which damages the surface. These types of stains cannot be removed.

In the event of unexperienced accidents!!

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