Why GFRC Cement

How great is the desire for freedom? We always ask ourselves this question before starting a project, because the real challenge is to bring together two elements: desire and freedom.

Everyone wants to live in their ideal home: it is the place where they can be themselves, which welcomes us and is a witness to our lives. But the truth is that this desire is not always fulfilled. So, we rebel, or we adapt.
In both cases, it's as if we've lost a piece of freedom.

Concrete helps you to be free, as it gives you the opportunity to choose. "The kitchen countertop will have to be these centimetres long. Not one more, not one less." Or, "the washbasin should be this color, in contrast to the bathroom tiles," and so on.

All this is possible thanks to the natural characteristics of the material. Each product is tailor-made, so as to meet every single need for space, taste and need. We can do this thanks to our work, craftsmanship from the moment the product is conceived, to the moment it is installed in our customers' homes.

One of the most beautiful definitions of concrete is "liquid stone": it combines solidity and adaptability. In the case of cement, liquidity comes before concreteness. It's like with ideas, first nebulous, then grandiose.
We are living in a period that is not very concrete, but our work teaches us that consistency depends on projects. The heart of the latter is the people. Our gfrc cement products are born with their future in mind.


Let's be clear: our products are made of concrete. So, not resin, not cement effect and so on.
We use the GFRC technique: it is a method that involves mixing cement, sand, marble powder, additives and fiberglass.
Thanks to this composition, the final product is characterized by high strength despite minimal thicknesses.
We can therefore lighten our WORKS bringing them even to about half the traditional weight. The small size of the components in the mix, reduce the classic imperfections of building cement. We thus arrive at a result that is pleasing to the eye and smooth, du- rectional over time and durable.

Dimensional characteristics

MINIMUM THICKNESS 20mm (up to 1.50m in length)
WEIGHT 2000Kg/mc
MAX DIMENSIONS L < 4,50m in pezzo unico


All the colours are in paste, i.e. they are not superficial and perishable colours, but the colour is part of the dough. The colours are obtained with a particular dosage with white cement, grey cement and coloured iron oxides. Each piece of our GFRC cement is a unique piece even in color.
The differences in colouring are dictated by various environmental and production factors.

Colour 00 00
Colour 01 01
Colour 02 02
Colour 03 03
Sand Sand
Gold Gold
Rust Rust
Coal Coal
Olive Olive
Mint Mint
Dust Dust
Alga Alga
Sky Sky
Night Night
Limestone Limestone NEW
Cement Gray Cement Gray NEW
Mud Mud NEW
Pink Pink NEW
Wisteria Wisteria NEW
Amaranth Amaranth NEW