Customized and custom-made Concrete Kitchen Countertops and Tops

With the Cemento Line You will have the option to choose from four standard color shades:

On request, it is possible to apply totally creative colors and finishes, which reflect your tastes and for an additional artistic touch in your kitchen or restaurant. For any information, contact us or one of our partner architects.

Our concrete tops can also be customized in size and shape, thanks to the craftsmanship and commission.


Among the main processes we have: the linear plane, corner plane, U-plane and the island shape.


The geometries and holes are made up of: out-of-square, rounded, circular holes, holes for taps, electrical sockets and notches.


The washbasin can be installed in three different ways with respect to the concrete top: under the top, above the top or incorporated.


There are also two different applications for the hob: with a rough hole or flush with the top.

Furnishing accessories

The concrete top can be completed and enriched with multiple structures, depending on practical needs, spaces or pure aesthetic tastes. Side panels, tables, shelves, backsplashes.