Concrete Floor Applications

Modern, resistant, ductile: the concrete worktop is a perfect solution for private kitchens and catering environments. From pubs to restaurants, from hotels to bars, the concrete kitchen countertop is An unmistakable expression of modern style. Our concrete tops are made with the GFRC's unique technique, discover here all the advantages compared to other materials.

Private Kitchens

If you are designing or purchasing a new kitchen, you can consider the advantages offered by our concrete countertops. Handcrafted, they are always made to measure and for this reason suitable for any size of kitchen or room. The countertops from Cemento Line are processed with a special treatment that makes them resistant to stains everyday and easy to clean. Wine, coffee and mayonnaise are no longer threats. Our WORKS come from a special fusion of concrete and glass that makes them extremely lightweight and practical in assembly. An ideal solution for everyday needs.

Catering establishments

Thanks to its resistance and the anti-stain treatment, applied during processing, the piano is optimally suited to frequent use and continuous contact with food and beverages. A plan to welcome customers with an eye-catching impact. The essential style makes this type of top perfect for any type of furniture, from the most rustic to modern ones, with the possibility of freely furnishing the spaces, according to your own tastes and worry-free. A precious element, capable of combining with poetry at any time. context, capturing the attention of customers at the right point.

GFRC cement will also allow you to make a long-sized floor, even some meters, in a single block, without the need to build multiple floors and then have to assemble them. A advantage in assembly and everyday design.

Kitchen renovation and renovation

Concrete countertops are often chosen as a solution for kitchen renovation without changing it or simply renovate with a prestigious element with modern lines. The top from Cemento Line can be easily fitted to all types of kitchens, regardless of the rest of the furniture. It is also always made to measure, adapting to any available space. A touch of class to revive the soul of your home: the kitchen.

You can find in this in-depth article some tips for renovating kitchens.