We work cement as the tailor works fabric.

We have been using this material for four generations and we know every characteristic, its resistance and its ductility. It all started in the '50s thanks to the work of Giulio Rossetti.

We saw Italy change and with it the use of cement, until we changed too. It happened when we realized that we didn't just have a building material in our hands. Concrete is like a fabric that enhances creativity in interior design and allows you to write stories.

Born Cemento Line

Stories are made up of encounters and two of them have helped us evolve. You can read about the first meeting here. We'll tell you about the second one now. It was 2018 when we started a training course with the most important European master of decorative concrete: Mr. Huub Waterreus. We feel mature enough to take an important step: shortly afterwards it is born Cemento Line.

Made-to-measure kitchen countertops

Thus began the production of gfrc concrete kitchen countertops. We make them custom-made. We are the first to do so, in Italy, following all the phases of the process: we study the customer's drawing, take the measurements and make the product in the company. Then we install it where required or ship it. In this way we obtain a customizable, light and resistant product.

In the meantime, there is a growing awareness that the strength of cement cannot be confined to mass production. Every space and every person has potential that must first be recognized and then enhanced. That's why we didn't choose industrial production, but artisanal production.

GFRC cement washbasins

With this philosophy in mind, we have also begun to produce washbasins and bathroom furnishing products, always in gfrc concrete, always as custom-made clothes.

Dream Builders

Cement gives a great opportunity: to build dreams. It's not just a matter of objects or products, but of life and relationships. Dreams are built in everyday life and it starts at home. But relationships are also those that arise in the workplace: we strongly believe in synergy with architects, designers and interior designers. Only in this way can we continue to change and make the future concrete.